I purchased the equipment enthusiastically, but found that it could not fully meet the construction requirements. Is this the biggest headache for big guys in engineering projects? Don’t worry, Yichen Environment will help you solve it.

After nearly two decades of hard exploration, Yichen Environment has established a complete and effective service system and an experienced service team. In addition to selling existing models of products, the professional engineers in the team can also customize them according to customer needs.

【Customization process】

Step1 :

Call the following sales call to send us the order requirements.

13777252008 Manager Lu

13065692282 Manager Zhou

Step 2:

Respond to customer inquiries, respond to customer needs, and provide solutions and quotations for customer reference and selection.

Step 3:

The two parties negotiate the content and specific needs of the project by means of face-to-face, telephone or e-mail.

Step 4:

After the two parties confirm the content of the negotiated project, they will sign a customized contract.

Step 5:

Receive the deposit from the customer, formulate and design an effective construction plan and related equipment, and deepen the details of the plan.

Step 6:

Arrange production, debugging, inspection, packaging, and complete delivery on time with quality and quantity.

Step 7:

Notify customers of safe receipt and logistics delivery.

Step 8:

The goods arrive at the customer for acceptance, and the balance payment is paid.

Step 9:

After-sales engineers install and debug on site, follow up the equipment construction process and use effect.

【Custom case】

Up to now, Yichen Environment has provided customized equipment services for many companies, many of which are well-known companies. The scope of customization covers a wide range, and strives to meet the individual needs of customers, making Yichen’s products an ideal choice for special working conditions.

Yichen Environment has reached a strategic cooperation with China Railway Group. The customized Tunnelling driller and Road planner are used in the world’s largest hard rock tunnelling shield “Tianfei No. 1”.

Yichen Environment customized a new type of Drum cutter for customers, using a single-sided milling head design, making construction more flexible and meeting precise construction requirements.

Yichen Environment customizes a small horizontal cutting tungsten steel saw according to customer requirements for cutting cement wall foundations. This type of saw can only cut materials with small diameters, but it has greater advantages for cutting where a small part of steel is mixed in the cement.

The series of auger drill for excavators produced by Yichen Environment are exported to Europe and customized according to the requirements of foreign customers. The customers are very satisfied with the drilling effect. At present, Yichen series auger drills have been popular in Europe and America.