As a fast drilling tool, auger can be seen in many construction projects. Yichen augers are manufactured in accordance with the latest international standards, using imported high-quality EN series gear steel and the latest processing technology. The use efficiency is 50% higher than that of other brands of augers. With a unique design, the drill pipe and the drill will not fall off easily. Longer service life. These characteristics make Yichen auger stand out in the market.

In April 2013, Yichen Environment exported its first auger to Europe, opening the door to overseas markets ever since. Customers have many requirements for products. After inspecting the products of many companies, after comprehensive consideration, they finally chose Yichen Environment from China. We are very excited. Our products have defeated many excellent domestic and foreign brands and become the choice of customers. This is an inspiring thing for Yichen Environment.

After receiving the product, the customer was eager to try it, and conducted ground-drilling experiments in their own courtyard for the first time. Not surprisingly, the drilling effect of the auger is very good, the drilling speed is fast, the shape of the hole is regular, and even the noise is very small. The customer was very satisfied with the auger, and filmed the experiment of the auger burrowing into a video and posted it on his social account for publicity.

It is the excellent quality of Yichen’s products that quickly set off a wave of augers in Europe and the United States. Since then, orders from overseas such as Europe and the United States have greatly increased. This series of augers is especially suitable for: small building pile foundation holes, tree planting holes, telegraph pole holes, solar panel column holes and so on. After selecting a suitable drill pipe, you can drill: soil, asphalt, cement pavement, frozen soil, ice, etc.