With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry is also developing rapidly, and the accompanying construction waste is increasing. The amount of construction waste in China has accounted for more than 1/3 of the total urban waste. The random stacking of these rubbish causes a series of safety problems.

It is urgent to deal with construction waste. At present, the main treatment method of construction waste in my country is to bury it in the ground. The hazard is that it takes up a lot of land, and the harmful substances contained in it will directly pollute the groundwater. At the same time, landfill will destroy the soil structure and cause surface settlement.

So, is there a new way to deal with these problems? In the previous application case sharing, we introduced the advantages of the excavator crusher in the treatment of construction waste. Today we are going to introduce a brand-new equipment-Yichen Screen Bucket. Compared with the simple crushing of the excavator crusher, the screen bucket has added new functions on the basis of crushing, which can make construction waste into a controllable and low-strength Material (referred to as CLMS), so as to realize the recycling of resources.

The Yichen Screen Bucket is a multifunctional bucket integrating crushing, screening, mixing and mixing. Its core part is a roller. Different shapes of blades are welded on the rollers, and different blade shapes achieve different functions.

In the treatment of construction waste, the screen bucket first screens the construction waste and separates the muck and stones. The stones are crushed and processed into smaller particles. Then, the muck, aggregate, fly ash, and water are mixed and stirred to form a controllable low-strength material. This material can not only replace traditional backfill materials, but also be used for road base and subbase, and has good compression resistance and stability.

In the Ningbo integrated pipe gallery project, the Yichen screen bucket was used to manufacture this material. During the entire project construction period, a total of 8,000 square meters were poured, which saved huge costs for the construction unit. The construction party did not praise the Yichen screening hopper. Mouthful.