The in situ soil mixing equipment is mainly used for shallow soil mixing of soft soil layer, clay, sludge, peat and polluted soil. The in situ soil mixing equipment is mainly a excavator mounted soil mixer (0-9 meters deep), mixing the soft soil with the soil binder, thus changing the geological structure, enhancing soil stability, and forming a stable and solidified foundation.

  1. Low Cost
    No transport costs, soil binders (agent) are easy to obtain and cheap, the price of a whole set of equipment is far lower than other solutions.
  2. Easy To Operate
    Once set, automatic operation, almost no operational difficulty.
  3. Short Construction Time
    After 3 to 5 hours, the soil is stabilized and can be used for further construction.
  4. Friendly To Environment
    No need to remove soil or silt, convert silt into available subgrade filler.