ANT machinery has developed a range of attachments of auger drive and earth drill for skid steer and 1-30 tons excavators. It was one of these drilling attachments, the earth auger drill, which has now proved to be a recognised tool on many construction sites, such as house foundation hole drilling, electric post holes drilling, planting tree hole drilling. It was widely used and popular for drilling concrete, earth and frozen earth in China.

ANT excavator auger is manufactured according to international standards. The driver is the key component of the screw drill, which is composed of imported hydraulic motor and planetary gear reducer. At the same time, ANT company produces a variety of specifications of rock drill pipes, common texture drill pipes and six types of driver matching use, at the same time through the production of various specifications of brackets, drill pipe lengthening rods, so that ANT excavator auger can be matched with a variety of specifications of excavators, loaders and so on, and make drilling deeper. The drill pipe diameter ranges from 10 mm to 1500 mm, and the maximum drilling depth can reach 12 meters.

ANT drilling attachment is mainly assembled in excavators, loaders, tractors and other equipment driven by hydraulic energy. Its uses include garden construction, index, drilling, foundation pile driving, wire rod hole, installation of solar energy and wind turbine, drilling of various columns, etc.