Project Description

  • concrete saw attachment for skid steer

AS-30RS-2S Daul Blade Rock Saw Attachment

Model: AS 30RS-2S


The vertical rock saw installation to 20-45 ton excavator, scope of application: sawing granite, quartzite, a small amount of reinforced concrete, the horizontal cutting, sawing plate size can be selected according to the construction requirements, 1000MM-2800MM diameter can be chosen. It also can be a saw blade demolition, the implementation of a single saw blade work.

Characteristics of rock saw AS series excavator:

A) high power, high efficiency, convenient installation, water cooling can be directly mounted on the excavator.
B) by sawing with hammer blow quarrying works very well for hard rock, and the cost is low.
C) flexible application, can according to the working environment, the saw disc replacement of different size, can also be replaced for tree saw, sawing trees.
D) simple installation, maintenance and economic, to the construction of your problems with the construction of new methods and new era of great pleasure and strong cutting force.
According to the excavator, loader power and construction requirements tailored.
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Material For Cutting: granite, basalt, rebar concrete, marble, linestone.
Distance Between 2 Saw Discs: 1 meter, 1.2 meter, 1.4 meter.

ModelMax Output Power
Max Flow
Recommended Flow
Max Pressure
Output Torque
Output Shaft Speed
Unit Weight
Saw Disc Spec.

Try to 20 to 45 tons of excavator.Can cut materials for marble, granite, concrete (install mixed metal saw blade can be cutting reinforced concrete), etc.ANT rock saw is suitable for the following situations: building demolition, language cutting reinforced concrete, cement floor, highway construction and maintenance work;In hard rock, rock powder after cutting, broken homework;Underground cable groove cutting operation;Quarry mining operations, rock block plastic, trimming and so on work;Rock tunneling, rock groove excavation etc can adopt the first saw cutting, reoccupy hammer or rock splitter on rock breaking operations.

ANT excavator saw cutting rocks in Jining

ANT excavator saw cutting iron ore rock in Ningde

ANT multidimensional skid steer saw cutting radiator demo

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