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  • excavator drum cutter
  • excavator drum cutter
  • excavator drum cutter
  • excavator drum cutter

AF-30RW Excavator Drum Cutter

AF-30RW milling large digging machine
Model: AF 30RW
Specifications: 1156mm x 832mm


The horizontal milling boring machine (milling head) installed in the 22-38 ton excavator.Applications: a small amount of reinforced concrete, medium hard rock, weathered rock, gypsum, rock, iron slag.A-the standard milling dug disk; B-matching trenching wheel; C-according to customer requirements and design other types of milling cutter disk.


Horizontal milling boring machine features:

A) low noise, low vibration, and protect the environment.
B) construction safety, high efficiency, small particle milling dug directly when the backfill.
C) flexible, according to operating environment, the replacement the different milling dig cutter, milling ditch dug round rock saws disk, etc.. Replacement is simple and convenient.
D) simple installation and maintenance of economic, efficient alternative to the bucket, hammer and other tools, great fun and a strong feeling of power to the new era under construction.
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Specification:1156mm x 832mm

ModelApplicable digging machine tonnageWeightRecommended FlowSpeedWorking PressureCutting ForceRated PowerWidth(W)Diameter(D)Length(L)
AF 5RW2~731030~6575~163220~3208~11250.650.390.48
AF 10RW7~1641050~11067~147220~32013~19350.750.440.58
AF 15RW12~1878075~13059~103220~32019~27500.840.480.70
AF 20RW18~301350150~32053~114220~32031~45901.080.650.84
AF 30RW22~381650180~40043~95220~35044~701201.200.700.84
AF 40RW35~652150225~51038~85220~35055~841651.350.801.00

Milling drivers can be widely used in tunnel, ditch, municipal pipeline excavation;Road surface crushing, mining and rock excavation of permafrost;Open-pit coal mine excavation, a new surface and the iron and steel industry, forestry and other construction fields.

Suitable excavator tonnage: 25 ~ 40 tons.

ANT Drum Cutter milling sedimentary rocks in Yakeshi

ANT Drum Cutter milling sandstone in Fujian

Wall grooving of Xi’an tunnel by using ANT Drum Cutter

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