As the equipment installed on the excavator, the excavator crusher is famous for its sturdy and durable structure. In addition to crushing building materials in demolition projects, the excavator crusher can also be used for granular processing of some natural stones. It has the characteristics of small size, easy transportation and compact bucket shape, and is welcomed by customers.

The excavator crusher has different discharge capacity due to the different jaws installed on it. In addition to the company’s existing jaws, customers can also follow up their own needs and make special designs to make the equipment more in line with the actual project. The Chongqing River Cobblestone Crushing Project is an excellent example of the application of excavator crushers.
In this project, the construction party needs to repair roads along the river. There are a large number of pebbles along the river, which makes it difficult to directly serve as a roadbed. According to the traditional road construction method, the pebbles are usually transported away, and then the gravel is purchased as the landfill of the roadbed. This method not only increases the project cost, but also extends the construction period.
After considering these conditions, the construction party thought of a solution. Can the cobblestones be broken into small particles and used directly for subgrade landfill? With this idea, they found Yichen environment.

Yichen Environment chooses a special jaw plate to meet the requirements of the construction party. The excavator crusher is finally installed on the excavator and enters the construction site to fully crush the pebbles to form tiny crushed stones. The entire construction period is very short, which saves manpower and material resources as well as resources.
The construction party learned that Yichen Environment can be used for sand making after replacing a finer jaw plate, and it immediately indicated that it must be tried next time when there is a demand. Yichen crusher has multiple models and multiple jaws. Customers are welcome to purchase.