The drum cutter is a commonly used equipment in modern construction. It has simple operation, powerful functions, and can adapt to a variety of working conditions. It is the first choice of many construction units. As a leader in the industry, Yichen drum cutter has rich project experience. As early as 2013, he participated in the Xi’an tunnel grooving project.

Due to the old tunnel, a large amount of water in the mountain leaks from the tunnel ceiling, and drips arrive on the passing vehicles, causing great danger to the passage and safety of the tunnel. Yichen specially made the tunnel cement grooving and drum cutter for this project. Installed on the boom of a PC160 excavator, a 20 cm wide and 15 cm deep groove is milled every 10 meters on the inner wall of the tunnel, and then a 15 cm diameter plastic tube is cut into two halves and laid in the groove. Seal the cement so that the water will follow the plastic pipe and flow into the drainage ditch without dripping.
The construction party, Professor Li and his son, expressed their satisfaction with Yichen Environment’s products and purchased two additional units. For grooving in concrete cement, asphalt, sandstone, gypsum, frozen soil and other materials, laying pipes, cables, etc., Yichen Environment can customize various milling wheels according to the customer’s groove depth and width requirements to meet the construction requirements.

【Introduction of Yichen Drum Cutter】

The drum cutter is a kind of equipment suitable for a wide range of engineering and precise construction. It is produced by the world’s leading hydraulic technology. It can be loaded on excavators, loaders and roadheads. The internal hydraulic motor drives the drum to rotate. The cutter teeth on the drum It collides with the construction surface and cuts soil and rocks like sharp claws, replacing general equipment such as buckets, hydraulic hammer, and hydraulic shears, providing a new and economical construction method for tunnel excavation.
There are two basic types of drum cutters: twin drum cutter and single drum cutter. Two basic structures: gearbox drive and hydraulic motor direct output. The  twin drum cutter has a horizontal direct output structure, and the motor is directly installed on the rotating part, which reduces the gear transmission link and does not require any modification. It has the characteristics of great power and simple installation. The single drum cutter (tunnelling driller) is a horizontal proportional gear output. The motor is installed at the rear and is driven by a gear. It has the characteristics of not easy to leak oil and simple maintenance.

Twin drum cutter

Single drum cutter