Near Ningbo Olympic Sports Center, a set of soft soil stabilization system is working. This area is the elevated construction area. The traffic volume on the elevated bridge is huge. Coupled with the load of the bridge itself, the requirements on the bearing capacity of the subgrade are very high. However, the soil here is soft and cannot carry such a weight, so the foundation needs to be solidified.

After comparing several companies, CCCC Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. decisively chose the new sludge treatment equipment under Yichen Environment-the soil stabilization system.

In the early stage of construction, there were continuous rainstorms in Ningbo area, and severe waterlogging occurred in many places, which made the soil moisture content remain high, which was a big challenge for engineering construction.

The soil quality in the construction area has become worse, and the difficulty of solidification has also increased. Yichen Environment comprehensively analyzed the situation on the site and selected a suitable curing agent to reduce the soil moisture content to below 20% to ensure that the roadbed is stable and subsequent works can be carried out safely.

At present, the elevated roadbed curing project has been successfully completed.

【Video show】

【system introduction】

Soil stabilization system is a new construction scheme that uses soil solidification agent to directly act on soft soil (such as sludge, silt, tidal flat, swamp, etc.) to solidify the soft soil on the spot to form a composite stable base. The system consists of a storage bin, an intelligent proportioning workbench and a mixing head. It is matched with a large and medium-sized excavator to directly transport the soil curing agent to the soft soil that needs to be cured, and form a semi-rigid stabilized soil material after uniform mixing and stirring. It is widely used in the construction of new/reconstructed highways, airports, tunnels, bridges, and heavy-duty factory projects. It also has good application prospects in municipal, transportation, and water conservancy projects.

【Background introduction】

CCCC Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 and is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. It is a core enterprise under CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau Co., Ltd. The company is well-known at home and abroad for its strong strength and excellent performance. It has undertaken the construction of the Yangtze River Estuary deep-water channel improvement, the restorative dredging of the Ningbo Sanjiang River, the land formation of the Yangshan deep-water port, the land formation of the Meishan Free Trade Port area, and the Wenzhou Minke Base Reclamation Many large-scale national, provincial, and municipal key projects such as the backfilling of the main factory area of ​​Sinochem Quanzhou, and the renovation of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal channel. Award, has made important contributions to my country’s water transport industry and people’s livelihood construction. Based on the domestic and global perspectives, the company has successfully entered Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other overseas markets. It has undertaken the construction of Gwadar Port in Pakistan, Buenos Aires Port in Argentina, Montevideo Port in Uruguay and Douala Port in Cameroon The remaining projects have won a good international reputation.