In 2020, Yichen Environment will purchase a new plant in Ningbo Nanjie for R&D, testing and manufacturing. As a manufacturing enterprise, the factory is the heart of the entire enterprise, and all products are formed here.

Today, let everyone follow in the footsteps of the editor, explore the factory’s “Fang Rong” and appreciate the demeanor of Yichen’s workers.

The new factory is located in Fenghua District, Ningbo City

There are two large factories, an exhibition hall and an office building

The total area is about 15,000 square meters

The factory environment is clean and tidy

The interior of the plant is spacious, bright, and orderly

Equipped with diversified production equipment

All kinds of products are neatly placed

Waiting for the workers to carry out the final installation

The soil stabilization system is displayed at the entrance of the exhibition hall

This is the flagship product of Yichen Environment

The samples are built in equal proportions

For customers to intuitively understand the product

Despite the scorching summer

Yichen workers are still carefully inspecting equipment under the scorching sun

Not let go of any detail

It is this craftsmanship

Allow Yichen Environment to stand out in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

Workers are taking stock of products

Every customer’s product

All deserve to be taken seriously

We always put the customer first

Professional engineers are drawing product prototypes

Only based on customer needs

Continuously improve the product

In order to improve our competitiveness

Workers posed for a group photo in front of the factory with the national flag

Everyone is working hard for this company

The company also gives them back with a better life

Yichen’s big family will always keep its feet on the ground

Contribute to the development of the motherland

The one-day trip to the factory ended successfully. Seeing such factories and workers, do you look forward to Yichen’s environment more?